What do you bring on a gorilla trekking?

November 12, 2019

Bring gaiters(a shoe or overshoe extending to the ankle or above) to keep water, stones, mud and sand out of your shoes. The larger ones will even keep the bottoms of your trousers dry. Pack lunch and enough safe drinking water.

A mini first-aid kit with antiseptic, plasters and wet wipes is necessary and would save a great deal in case of an emergency. A rain jacket too is essential during the  gorilla trek  as the weather can be  unpredictable; no matter the season of the year.

Insect repellent and sunscreen (biodegradable please!) is another valuable to carry with you in the backpack! A small  or medium size sanitary towel too for rinsing hands and face comes in handy to keep your hands and face taken good care of.

Lastly but not the least; Wear good worn-in and waterproof hiking shoes with ankle support;

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