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What are the differences between trekking the mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda?
18 Aug

What are the differences between trekking the mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda?

  1. How to make a decision where to trek the mountain gorillas?

Tracking the mountain gorillas is professionally organised and also well-developed which makes it an eco-tourism adventure. This is the number one tourist attraction in both Uganda and Rwanda. Wherever you decide to stay, there are also many good range accommodation facilities for you. The rangers are also well trained and will look after you and give useful information. These also have got to understand the gorilla population very closely. These also speak good English and in Rwanda they also speak French.

  1. The advantages of trekking gorillas in Uganda

The drive to view the gorillas in Uganda looks so lovely directly from Kampala though it takes a full day. Though you are to trek in bwindi forest or in Mgahinga, the last hour is also magical en route. The gorilla trekking permits are even cheaper in Uganda and also gives off peak season discounts. The country has also got many things to see and do before or after gorilla trekking. These two countries are so close to each other and you can also trek the gorilla in both countries.

  1. The advantages of trekking in Rwanda

Rwanda is so famous for easy flying in and do the gorilla trek, then fly back same day. Even though I wouldn’t recommend this. The short drive from Kigali to volcanoes National park is only 2 hours’ drive and it’s not so scenic as that of Uganda. Though the road network is better than that of Uganda, even though the permits are higher in costs, you might also save money and enjoy a shorter trip instead.

  1. What’s the best; tracking Uganda or Rwanda

We also recommend both the gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda since all the adventures are so nice. The forest of Bwindi is filled with bamboo. Many of the visitors also continue to go back since the experience usually is different. Even the tourists, some of them decide to track both in Uganda and Rwanda.

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