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Gorilla Safari to Rwanda :

The Rwenzori Mountain National park  is also called the mountain of the moon and these lie in western Uganda along the Uganda- Congo border. This equatorial snow peaks also include the third highest point with in Africa, while the lower slopes are also covered in the moorland, bamboo and rich , moist montane forest. it also has the huge tree heather and the colourful mosses that are draped across the mountain side with the giant lobelias as well as the everlasting flowers which creatures a fairy tale scene.

The Rwenzoris are also called the mountain of the moon and these lie in western Uganda along the Uganda- Congo border. This equatorial snow peaks also include the third highest point with in Africa, while the lower slopes are also covered in the moorland, bamboo and rich , moist montane forest. it also has the huge tree heather and the colourful mosses that are draped across the mountain side with the giant lobelias as well as the everlasting flowers which creatures a fairy tale scene.

This national park also protects the highest parts of 120km long as well as 65km wide Rwenzori mountain range. It has got 70 mammals as well as 217 bird species including the 19 albertine Rift endemics and the world’s rarest vegetation. These mountain are a world class hiking as well as mountaineering destination. You can enjoy a nine to twelve day trek will get skilled climbers to the summit of Margherita which is the highest though shorter, non-technical treks are also possible to scale the near peaks.

This national park is situated in south western Uganda on the east side of the western African Rift valley. It also lies along Uganda’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and it also borders the DRC’S Virunga National park and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site for 50km. its located in Kabarole, Bundibugyo and Kasese district. This national park is 996 sq km in size which is 70% of which it exceeds an altitude of 25,00m above the sea level. The park is also 48km wide and 20km long.

The Rwenzoris Mountains also overlap the equator along the border between Uganda and the DRC, extending north south for about 110km and east west for 50km. rising from the highland plains of Uganda, the mountains fall the steepy side on the west to the Semliki River, these mountains are young and created in the late Pliocene by an upthrust of the crystalline rocks that rise from in the western rift to divide themselves. These mountains are wetter than other East African mountains with the annual rainfall that varies with altitude from 2,000 to 3,000mm and its being the heaviest on the eastern slope.

These mountains have a range of Exotic vegetation that organized in separate vegetation belts that is distributed across the altitudinal gradient and the montane forest zone that extends from about 1,800 to 2,400m, it also has dense forest through the bracken or the shrub that is dominated areas with the scattered trees to the grassy glades. It also includes the bamboo trees, the broad leaved trees, the arborescent heathers, the flowering shrubs, the scattered tree groundsel and the giant lobelias as well as mosses. The common plants with in the alpine zone also include; the helichrysum Stuhlmannii as well as the Alchemilla spp.

The park is rish in endemics and it harbours 6 butterflies, 1 hawkmoth, 19 bird species, as well as 2 small mammals that occur in other highlands on either of the Albertine Rift. 12 species are on the IUCN Red list of the threatened animals that also include the vulnerable moon stripped mouse, The Rwenzori Horse shoe bat, the Rwenzori otter shrew as well as the Rwenzori Turaco and many more. This national park is also home to 70 species of mammals, 12 endemic to the park, as well as the rare species. The other mammals also include; the elephants, leopards, chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, antelope, bush bucks as well as reptiles.

This national park is owned by the Ugandan Government through Uganda National parks and it’s protected, even though the extraction may be authorised by a broad of trustees. It’s located 437km away from Kampala in the town of Kasese. The town has hotels as well as lodges, as well as camping and the good trail network and the huts for the hikers. This park has got great trekking and the climbing opportunities with the great views and the unique scenery. The main tourist activity is mountain climbing though you are required to spend an overnight at the base of the mountain or in Kasese town. And for those who need something less active, the neighbouring Bakonzo Villages that offer nature walks, homestead visits home cultural performances as well as accommodation and also including the home cooked local Cuisine.

Attractions at the park

Equatorial snow peaks

Rwenzori Mountains comprise six distinct mountains located miles north of the equator, the highest of these – Mounts Stanley (5,109m), Speke (4,890m) and Baker (4,843m) all bearing permanent snow and glaciers. The snow peaks can be reached by hiking the Central Circuit and Kilembe Trails.

Land of the Triffids

The misty, boggy, glacier-carved valleys of the high Rwenzori form a strange botanical world inhabited by triffid-sized forms of lobelia, heather and groundsel, crisp “everlasting flowers,” garishly coloured mosses and gnarled trees draped with curtains of lichen.


There are over 20 lakes in Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The lowest and most accessible is Lake Mahoma (2,651m) in the bird-rich forest of the Central Circuit. The beautiful Lake Bujuku lies at the head of the deep, glacier carved Bujuku valley in the shadow of Mounts Stanley, Baker and Speke.

Rwenzori Mountain National Park

Rwenzori Activities


The montane forest has the greatest birding opportunities; understandably, few species choose to make their home in the inhospitable world of the high Rwenzori. Bee-eaters, Robins, Sunbirds, Barbets, Rwenzori Turaco and Long-eared Owl; while higher up on the slopes, Bearded Vultures, Swifts and Black Eagles may be seen circling for prey.

Hiking and Nature Walks

The park provides opportunity for nature walks within the central circuit zone. These include trails up to Lake Mahooma and Buraro chimp forest; walks through the communities of Kichamba to reach the Karangura ridge; and hiking to Bundibugo area through Bwamba pass.

Mountain/Volcano Climbing

From the trailhead at Mihunga, the route ascends the Bujuku Valley via Nyabitaba for acclimatization before reaching the peaks. Hikers joining the Central Circuit after Bujuku will traverse the Scott Elliot and Freshfield passes to descend through the Mubuku Valley. Climbers can scale the snow peaks.

Rwenzori mountain National park

Accommodation at Rwenzori

Sandton Hotel Kasese

Sandton Hotel is three-star hotels located 19.1 km from Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The hotel is suitably found in the middle of Kasese Town. It provides the best leisure, finest conferencing facilities for all types of clientele national as well as international, offering a professional yet friendly atmosphere that means “Pleasure & Comfort” while at bedwork. We can book you in for a range of luxury accommodation to accommodate individuals, groups, couples as well as families on long as well as short stay among which are cottages, single bedroom plus double bedroom apartments.It features free WiFi, a barbecue and a terrace. Guests can also enjoy the on-site restaurant.

Uhuru 50 Hotel Kasese

Uhuru 50 Hotel is located 18.6 km from Rwenzori Mountains National Park.It is a medium sized majestic accommodation facility perched in Kasese town, western region just in the foot hills of Mt Rwenzori and is surrounded by scenery with beautiful spacious rooms. This is an exceptionally serene hotel with a cool environment for relaxation and comfortIt boasts a restaurant, bar and free WiFi throughout the property. Every room is equipped with a flat-screen TV.

Springs International

Springs International is a four-star hotel located 16.8 km from Rwenzori Mountains National Park. The hotel is close to the Kasese Airstrip  and also the ideal stop-over to and from the Rwenzori mountains, Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga gorilla national park.:

Springs International Hotel is situated in western Uganda in the town of Kasese and provides clean and comfortable accommodations surrounded by its own gardens and serene environment offering exceptional relaxation and convenience combined with warmth Ugandan hospitality. The hotel offers pet-friendly accommodation  and the guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant. Free WiFi is available with a TV and free private parking is available on site.

Marafiki Safari Lodge

Marafiki Safari Lodge is situated in Kasese about 7.1 km from Rwenzori Mountains National Park. At Marafiki the sun rises from behind the dark silhouette of the Kyambura Gorge resting on the far shores of Lake George. As the Savannah Plains come to life – with Elephants moving silently across the savannah grasslands, birds darting between the trees sounding the morning chorus and hippos yawning lazily in the shimmering waters of Lake George – from the comfort of your luxury safari tent.The park spans the equator and is one of Uganda’s most popular tourist destinations.It offers a garden,free private parking is available on site and guests can enjoy a meal at the on-site restaurant.

Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge

Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge is a four-star situated in Kahendero  23.3 km from Rwenzori Mountains National Park.The lodge is a perfect location for those who want to experience the tranquility of unspoiled Africa, untouched by mass tourism. Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge’s unique charm is in the atmosphere of intimacy, welcoming ambiance and a splendid customer service that is carefully rendered to our esteemed guests and vistors. The accommodation features a hot tub,Free WiFi is available and all units have a seating area.

Wild Tracks Overland Camp

Wild Tracks Overland is a camp is set in Kasese located 26.2 km from Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Wild Tracks Overland Camp offers comfortable and affordable accommodation in either our Safari Tents, shared guest Cabins and or a well-established camp site for self-catering campers, camping groups and overland travellers. The camp site set up is created to offer you a true bush experience in one of the most beautiful and most visited Game Parks in Uganda.The hostel has a terrace and views of the mountain, and guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant or a drink at the bar.

Bethel Hotel

Bethel Hotel is a two-star hotel set in Kasese at 18.1 km from Rwenzori Mountains National Park.The hotel features free WiFi throughout the property, with on-site restaurant and free private parking is available on site.

Tropical Savannah Guesthouse

Tropical Savannah Guesthouse is situated 18.8 km from Rwenzori Mountains National Park.It features a restaurant, bar and free WiFi with an on-site restaurant with free private parking is available on site

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