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  • Muhabura Lodge

Muhabura Lodge with an attached balcony is ranked favorite for tourists as it holds a panoramic view open to the volcanic chain. Still, the counter remains an outstanding fitness in the internal bar room for those who will enjoy a meal or drink while watching satellite TV channels.

Asset in compound green grounds, we hold the monopoly of the nice entertaining garden under the exciting tree plantation and from which the landscape and the mood are more than welcome. Under the same green roof, a number of quiet and intimate bungalows are at the customers’ disposal.

When touring or passing by the Northern Province, never miss an occasion to experience food service and breakfast specialties in the hotel lying on the outskirts of the town alongside the road to Kivu Lake shores. Once seated in the dining, you can make whatever kind of order without worrying about timetables and schedules. Food service is always performed by professional members of staff with various cooking styles and delivered in a quick and accurate manner.

Bearing no resemblance to the local environment, Muhabura Lodge daily welcomes guests to a ready for service menu; otherwise, a list of ‘A LA CARTE’ menu is available. Our grills can be compared to nothing in the region.

To strengthen the existing business relations with a great number of the target market, our hotel closely works with local and international tour operators in a win-win atmosphere.

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