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Mubare Gorilla Family in Buhoma
8 May

Mubare Gorilla Family in Buhoma

Mubare Gorilla Family in Buhoma, Uganda is considered one of the amazing gorilla families found in Buhoma Gorilla Group and therefore one of the most sought for Gorilla Tracking in Uganda. Gorilla Adventure tour will purchase you Buhoma Gorilla Permit if you book in advance.

Trek the Mubare Gorilla Family in Bwindi Gorilla Forest National Park with Gorilla Adventure tours. The Gorilla permit will cost the same $600 and can be purchased through us.

Buhoma Gorilla Group

The Mubare Gorilla Family

The Uganda Wild Life Authority an organization in charge of Uganda National Parks, performed the habituation of the Mubare Gorilla Family in Bwindi Forest National Park, in 1998 and this was during the first phase.

The Mubare Gorilla Family took on its name after the amazing Mubare Hills in which this group was first seen. In 1998, Mubare Gorilla Family had 12 members and when it’s leader, a silver back called Ruhodenza later died, a tragedy that caused the member list to fall to 5 members, making it the smallest family in Buhoma Gorilla Group.

Trekkers who visit Buhoma Gorilla Group in Bwindi Forest stand a chance of Gorilla Trekking the Mubare Gorilla Family.

In 2013, more members from different Gorilla Families in Buhoma joined it and the number rose to 9 members. This is the closest Gorilla Family in Buhoma to the park’s Headquarters of Buhoma sector of Bwindi Forest

Some of the Members in Mubare group you will meet during the Gorilla Trekking Tour include;

Kashundwe an infant, Muyambi, Kanyonyi, Malaika


Mubare Gorilla Family in Buhoma

Members of the Mubare Gorilla Family in Buhoma

Uganda Gorilla trekking Permits

Gorilla Permits for Mubare Gorillas or Buhoma Sector cost 600USD for all months

To Book Gorilla Trekking Permits for Buhoma Gorilla Group particularly Mubare Gorillas,  email us at info@gorilla-adventures.com

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