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On the way to the caves, explore a natural garden called Kisantu, containing flora from everywhere in the country.

The Inkinsi River flows through this garden and creates majestic spectacles. Located 130km from Kinshasa, this site was created by Father de Gullet in 1900.

On this tour you visit the entire garden. Next, head to Mbanza Ngungu (a town/region in Bas Congo after which the cavern and underground system is named after) and descend underground.

Mbanza Ngungu Caves, about 2,296 feet (700 meters) above sea level, within the basin of the Lower Congo River of the DRC, are spread over a sprawling underground “city” system of 750 square kilometers (huge!) and fed by the Congo River, with many spaces to full of water or too small for humans to have explored yet! Home to the African Blind Barb Fish, creepy ghost-like transparent apparitions that have evolved over millions of years to lose their eyes in the darkness. It is known to live only in the fresh-water “Thysville” Caves of Mbanza-Ngungu.

The caves, and this is the most exciting part…are largely unknown scientifically, and unexplored extensively, and may be home to other endemic fish and invertebrate species and undoubtedly many more cool discoveries!


  • -A Comfortable vehicle with air conditioning
  • -English or French tour guide
  • -All entrance fees and governments taxes
  • -Flashlights (torches) for the descent.



-Bring waterproof boots, and clothes that you do not mind getting wet, muddy, and dirty.

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