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Dress code for Gorilla Trekking
8 May

Dress code for Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Safaris are carried out in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. What to wear during Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Forest, Volcanoes Park and Virunga Park or Mgahinga National Park, the list includes; Hiking Boots, Gardening Gloves, Long sleeved shirts, hats

Gorilla Trekkers need to follow this guideline of which items, clothes and shoes to wear during Gorilla Trekking in Uganda or Rwanda and Congo.

Bwindi Forest The necessary Gorilla Trekking clothes include;

Long Water Proof Trousers

Long Water proof Trousers such as  Khakis, Jeans and leather trousers to protect you against Nettles, branches, thorns and anything else that can scratch you.

Long Sleeved Shirts

Best back packing clothes for Gorilla Trekking are Long Sleeved Shirts which will protect your hands against Nettles bites, branches, thorns and any scratches from the bush and trees.

Water proof Hiking Boots and Gladiators

To have a smooth Gorilla tracking exercise one needs Water Proof hiking boots and Gladiators to overcome the slippery trails and to protect them from mud just in case it rains.

Gardening Gloves

Gardening Gloves will protect you from nettles bites and scratches from branches of trees and bush you may encounter during gorilla trekking.

Wear Proof Hat

A hat comes in handy to protect your head from the scorching sun and the sudden rain fall that may pour any time of the day.

A Rain coat Jacket

Volcanoes Park, Bwindi Forest National Park, Virunga Park and Mgahinga National Park normally receive sudden down pours of Rain fall, being mountainous Areas and Forests. Both the Rain coat and Jacket are Gorilla Trekking clothes that should protect you from the rain fall at the same time keep you warm.

Insect Repellent

Insect Repellents should protect you from flies, mosquito bites and any other insect bites that you may encounter along the way.

Other necessities to pack for Gorilla Trekking and Gorilla Habituation Experience include;

Waterproof Rack sack, Binoculars, a Flash less Camera, Snacks, Drinking Water, and Hiking Stick etc.

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