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Congo discounted gorilla permits is great news from the  government of Democratic Republic of Congo is looking to Congo discounted gorilla permits or Congo low season gorilla permits to lure more tourists to trek mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park. It should be noted that mountain gorillas are found in three countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of congo. Rwanda gorillas are located in Volcanoes National Park while Uganda gorillas are in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. The rest of the rare mountain gorillas are resident in Virunga National Park located in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Congo gorilla permits
Congo gorilla permits

Price of Congo discounted gorilla permits

Effective 2018, the price of Congo discounted gorilla permits or Congo low season permits is at USD200.00 per permit per trek. These permits allow whoever books them to spend one hour with habituated mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park. Encounter Africa safaris is one of the leading tour operator specializing in primate and cultural tours in East Africa and beyond and we can book you these congo discounted gorilla permits or Congo low season gorilla permits if you book an all inclusive Congo gorilla safari with us.

When are Congo gorilla permits discounted

Congo discounted gorilla permits are issued in two phases. The first bunch of Congo discounted gorilla permits or Congo Low season gorilla permits are issued from 15th March to 15th May 2018. The second bunch is from 15th October to 15th December 2018. For more information about availability of Congo discounted gorilla permits or Congo low season gorilla permits to trek mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park, please contact Encounter Africa Safaris your trusted partner for primate safaris in East Africa and beyond.

Congo gorilla permits
Congo gorilla permits

When to book Congo Discounted gorilla permits

Virunga National Park is increasingly starting to attract a sizable number of tourists and as such, we recommend that you book your discounted gorilla permits for visiting Virunga National Park this 2018. If you book an all-inclusive Congo gorilla safari with Encounter Africa safaris, we will take care of booking your Vuringa discounted gorilla permit as well as visa.

Why trek Congo mountain gorillas

Gorilla permits for virunga National Park remain the cheapest in the whole region. Normal price for a gorilla permit in Virunga National Park costs USD400.00 per person per trek compared to Uganda gorilla permits at USD600.00 and Rwanda gorilla permits at USD1500.00. The other advantage of trekking Virunga Mountain gorillas is that these region is relatively politically stable compared to other parts of Democratic republic of Congo. Thanks to the so many conservation organizations as well as the United Nations who have ensured that this place remains relatively stable. Book a Congo gorilla safari with Congo discounted gorilla permits and save much.

Congo gorilla permits
Congo discounted gorilla permits

History of Discounted gorilla permits

Uganda was the first country to offer discounted gorilla permits in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga. This initiative was launched when Uganda was celebrating 50 years of independence. Low season gorilla permits were meant to attract more tourists to Uganda most especially during the low season months of April, May and November. With the increase of Rwanda gorilla permit price from USD750.00 to USD1500.00, Uganda scrapped off the low season gorilla permits which were costing USD450.00 in order to keep pace with Rwanda while maintain the affordability of permits in Uganda. Currently its only Democratic Republic of Congo that is offering low season gorilla permits.

Why Encounter gorilla adventure tours for your Congo Gorilla Safaris?

Encounter gorilla adventure tours is one of the leading tour operators specializing in primate safaris in East Africa and Beyond. Our reputation and expertize achieved over years is un questionable. We never used to offer gorilla safaris to Congo but after our thorough research, we now offer affordable Congo gorilla safaris and experiences. Take advantage of our competitive prices and expertise to organize a gorilla trip to Virunga National Park.

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